This page is dedicated to the Fallen Officers of Ellis County, from the foundation of our county to each of our towns.  Each month we will highlight the officers from our area and tell their stories with honor.  We encourage communications if you have stories or comments about these officers.

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Guard Charlie D. Cain

Ellis County Poor Farm, Texas

End of Watch Thursday, July 9, 1891

During this time period, many Texas counties operated “poor farms” and "convict farms" which were correctional facilities where the inmates were required to work off their fines or debts. The armed guards were employed by the county, and not the sheriff. Ellis County operated a poor farm from 1883 until the early 1960’s.

Guard Charlie D. Cain was employed at the Ellis County Poor Farm. In the late afternoon he was returning with the convicts who had been working in the fields all day. Cain stepped on a trough that had been used for feeding or watering stock, and it turned or he stumbled. He was carrying his shotgun by his side and apparently struck the hammer some way. The shotgun discharged, the load passing through his right hand and entering just beneath the right jaw bone, ranging upward. He died in two to three hours. The newspaper reported he was a young man of good standing in the community and was the brother-in-law of the manager of the poor farm.

Cain was born on February 28, 1869 and was 22 years of age at the time of his death. He was buried in the Waxahachie City Cemetery.

Constable Thomas D. Conger

Ellis County Constable's Office - Precinct 4, Texas

End of Watch Friday, July 24, 1908

Constable Conger succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained six weeks earlier while attempting to serve a bond forfeiture warrant. During the arrest attempt the suspect was able to gain control of the constable's service weapon and shot him several times. The suspect then fled and was never apprehended.

Constable Conger had served with the agency for 2 years.

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Police Officer Joshua Stanley Williams

Waxahachie Police Department, Texas

End of Watch Saturday, July 28, 2012

Police Officer Josh Williams was killed when his patrol car was struck by a drunk driver at approximately 1:30 am.

He was responding to a disturbance at a fast food restaurant in the 600 block of Highway 77. He was turning into the parking lot when his patrol car was struck on the passenger side by an SUV that was driving without its headlights on. The driver of the SUV was taken into custody after being flown to a nearby hospital.

Officer Williams was transported to Baylor Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The drunk driver was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

Officer Williams had served with the Waxahachie Police Department for 17 years. He is survived by his wife, six children, parents, and sister.