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P3 App

     You can submit anonymous tips by calling the hotline at 972-937-7297 (PAYS).  Or use your mobile phone by downloading the app called P3 TIPS.   Make sure when you select your location that the program you select reads "Ellis County Crime Stoppers". You can upload images and videos. You can also two-way dialog with our call takers. Once you submit your tip, you can check the status of the tip by logging into the app.


     You can also submit a web tip by clicking on the Submit a Tip button.   Check the status of your tip by clicking on the Tip Follow-up button above and enter your Tip ID and password.  A unique computer generated Tip ID and password are provided to each tipster.  Be sure to keep a track of that for follow up. 

*****ALL tipsters remain ANONYMOUS. We do not have caller ID. We do not record phone calls. We do not ask for your name. Computer IPs are not saved. Locations are not tracked!*****

Together We CAN Make a Difference!! We operate off of donations, probation fees, grants and fundraising.  We DO NOT depend on your local tax dollars.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

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