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Midlothian Texas: Case 24MP015263

Shooting/Homicide Investigation

On March 5, 2024 at 8:56 PM, Midlothian Police Department patrol officers responded to the 500 block of Chelsea Drive to investigate a report of a shooting. Telecommunicators from the North Ellis Emergency Dispatch Center were told by a caller that a male had been shot inside the residence. Officers arrived and found an unresponsive male with multiple gunshot wounds. Medics from the Midlothian Fire Department transported the victim to Midlothian Methodist Hospital where he was declared deceased by Justice of the Peace Dan Cox. The victim has been identified as 25-year-old Choyce Redmon of Midlothian.

At this time a suspect has not been identified. However, we believe this was a targeted assault. We are investigating this case as a homicide. Witnesses reported a dark-colored (possibly black) luxury sedan driving from the scene of the crime. The vehicle possibly drove from Chelsea Drive then north on Westminster Drive. We ask that any residents in that area check personal security footage for vehicles driving that direction around that time.

If you have any information pertinent to this case, please contact Detective Siegler at (972) 775-7674 or

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Nathan Moses and Malinda Schene

Ferris Police Department

Two victim's families are still looking for answers: 

Nathan Moses and Malinda Schene  were found shot to death in a Ferris duplex.  The couple who rented a home in the 630 block of Valleyview Street appear to have died from blunt force trauma.  According to Ferris Police Investigator Walter Weiss  “The suspect was somebody that was known to both of them who was an associate of theirs. It was not an abstract crime that is to say it does not appear to be a crime that someone randomly came to the house and did a home invasion and robbed and killed two people. No this appears to be some sort of personal cause.”  



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