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* Call 972-937-7291 (PAYS)

* Online at 

*Use Mobile App - P3 TIPS  or go to

School and police officials agree that most students want to do the right thing to keep their schools and neighborhoods safe but sometimes fear reprisals.  

We have Campus Crime Stoppers at ***School list****.  We want the students to be able to report illegal activity without the fear of repercussion.  The incentive to the student is a cash reward, as well as remaining anonymous.

 When to Call

  • Maybe you overhear someone bragging about having committed a crime.

  • Maybe you know someone who has brought a gun or knife to school

  • Maybe you witnessed someone stealing a purse or vandalizing school property

  • If you aren't sure that what you saw or heard is really a crime, call anyway. Let the police decide if it's worth investigating. It may be a piece of a clue to a big crime.

  • Or maybe you just see something that doesn't look right. A strange car. A person acting sneaky. 


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